PHLOE is a contemporary urban illustrator. Taking influences from street grafftti, politics, pop culture and the ever-changing social climate he creates provocative, figurative works of art. He uses a collection of lacquers, stains, inks, and paints in his backgrounds and features stencil and illustration for the foreground image content. At 28, PHLOE been painting for over 15 years and has transferred his skills from train tracks and alleyways to canvas and print in the last 7 years. His earlier career saw him working for Radiohead producing album art work for the likes of Adelle, Devlin and Kate Bush and following this he began producing large scale murals bringing elements of the street into the home. With an ever-changing canvas PHLOE has painted offices, Nandos restaurants, VW shows and community development projects. Following a sell-out exhibion earlier this year his work now hangs in the CES language school Harrogate and previous pieces have made it as far as The White House.”The drips are supposed to imitate the sense of everything rising around us, to capture the feeling of weightlessness we encounter sometimes in the struggle of everyday life. The transition between static and moving. The backgrounds wrap up the images and almost consume them in the same way the streets and advertising do to their inhabitants.””I try to imitate the natural decay of urban environments. this slow process we see evidence of in all buildings structures and streets has become part of our everyday visual experience. I use real rust from old car parts powdered into the paints and apply paint and tags then scrape them off nearly cleaning them just like on the streets.” “Street graffiti is always changing, always being cleaned but still leaves a mark. This idea of evolution of the marks on our walls is a record of a battle between a lost generation and the corporations that own everything surrounding them.”

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