Gemma Holder

Gemma Holder’s work stems from an obsession with collecting pre-used and pre-existing items and moulding them to create something new and different. The materials used in the work are collected from a variety of sources such as skips, car boot sales and items thrown out or left on the street.

Her work will primarily start with a discovery of how these collected items can be assembled and manipulated into new forms and serve a purpose with a new function.

The chosen function for a lot of her current work is light, which she is fascinated by due to its ability to alter and create moods.

All of her works are created in a free-form nature and so naturally evolve in the creation process.

Her work is primarily about taking something pre-used or pre-existing and giving it a new lease of life and a new purpose.

Please contact for any Enquieries.
Commission work also available on request.

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