Blott Works

BLOTT WORKS is artist/engineer Dan Morrison who creates useful sculptures with a mechanical aesthetic that delight in blurring the distinction between our natural and our industrial worlds.

All work is designed to introduce a sense of ritual or play into everyday activities with the overall aesthetic drawing on the beauty of industrial materials, and the charm of simple machine assemblies.

The sculptures often have a functional aspect, such as lighting an area or telling the time, and are hand-engineered by Dan as limited editions in the BLOTT WORKS workshop in the north of England.

Often whimsical. Never flimsical.

“We were delighted to select Dan Morrison’s BLOTT WORKS for our Award at the GNCCF last autumn, his extraordinary limited edition, hand engineered, functional sculptures are fascinating, intriguing and very clever indeed! BLOTT WORKS is like nothing we’ve ever seen before”

Angie Boyer, Editor, craft&design magazine (April 2017)

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